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The just Concluded 3 days Space evenT organized by Xigma from 3rd to the 5th of April 2019, titled Xigma Space Training and Exploration which focuses on training and educating students and young professionals on Astrobiology, Astrophysics, Space Engineering, and Artificial intelligence for Space and Astronomy.

Joy Egbe

The program was anchored by Egbe Joy, who enlightened the participants about Xigma and what the program was all about. Speakers in the event include, Okoro Deinfa a Biochemist, Nwasor Derick a physicist, Obhenimen Philip a mechanical Engineer, Ikponmwoba Eloghosa Data scientist, Odili Authority an Industrial Physicist, and Oghale Trust a theoretical physicist.



The Day 1 of the event started with Okoro Deinfa speaking on Astrobiology and its contribution to Space exploration. She gave a series of events which led to the development of Astrobiology as a field of study in the scientific society, recants developments and researches in Astrobiology as it entails the survival of humans in outer space.

Day 2

Derick Nwasor

On this day, Nwasor Derick the lead organizer of this program and the Ambassador of the IAAC, spoke on what Astrophysics entails, recent development, researches and recent advancement made in the field.

Day 3


The Discussion for the final day of event covers space engineering & Artificial Intelligence for Space science, which was taken by Philip Obhenimen and Eloghosa Ikponmwoba and they highlighted the working principles and challenges of rocket engineering and how Artificial intelligence is crucial for unmanned spacecraft.

Derick Nwasor

However, at the end of the program participants where engaged to solve the International Astronomy & Astrophysics problems which is global competition for solving astrophysics problems. They were 54 registered participants, out of which 44 showed up for the events with only 39 of the participant who submitted their solution and received a certificate for their participation received a certificate and 4 of the participant could scale to the pre-final and final round.
The event ended with a great number of people having knowledge of Space exploration & Artificial Intelligence with a certificate to back it up, and the next space summit is promised to be Practical and Greater.

Participation Certificate

-Author: Oghale trust-