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Starting Up your Clean Tech Company

New Digit cleantech energy training, is a three days training program that is focused on practical exposure in training and educating passionate individuals on starting up their own cleantech energy company that will help in solving the countries electrical problems, while at the same time fix climate change. The training is focus on clean energy solutions such as solar energy, Wind technology, Biogas, Fuel cell technology, Geothermal, Piezo-electricity and Biogas etc.

Clean energy options

This event will kick off on the 17th to 19th of June 2019 at the Xigma Centre, Edo Innovation Hub off Wire road ICE Junction, Benin city, Edo State Nigeria.

Furthermore, the New Digit clean tech energy training is geared towards skill unleashing in the Participants since practical learning is a major agenda in this training, with exposure to rare practical knowledge like Solar tracker construction and programming, solar panel construction from scratch, inverter building from scratch, solar installation etc.
In addition to all these value adding activities is a professional coaching by business experts including the CEO of the Nigeria Climate Innovation Centre,

With a certificate that serves as a proof of each participant’s ability to engage in Global energy solution providence, this program ensures to expose to all participants the lucrative business of energy.


• Non-student
• Technician
• High school student
• Undergraduate
• Graduate
• Post graduate etc.

From any state within and outside Nigeria and that is passionate about energy and energy related businesses are invited to participate with a training token of N5,000 only.


1. Certification
2. Coaching & Mentorship Needed to kick start your company.
3. Investment readiness
4. Various training on:

• The Developing and programming of Solar tracker devices and Internet Of Things (IOT)
• Manufacturing of Solar panels from Solar cells
• Facilitating energy and cost savings.
• Various aspects of renewable energy technologies, co-benefits of renewable energy in climate change mitigation.
• Analyze the energy consumption of a building and audit the cost
• Recognize standards for energy management processes
• Calculate the profitability of applied energy efficiency measures

To register, fill the google form below http://bit.ly/cleantechbusinesstrainingform