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In this employment program each intern will be required to work on tasks that is unique to their own personal interests that is also beneficial to the growth and promotion of XIGMA and Its subsidiary Companies. This task is discussed and determined in conjunction with the Managing Director. There are four different focus areas for interns that will be decided based on skills and interests. The different focus areas are meant to allow interns to achieve a greater degree of depth in these areas, while continuing to work across each area. Regardless of what specific roles they are assigned, interns will work across all areas and support the entire team.

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Space Exploration

Where Interns in this category will be equipped with skills such as Computer aided design, Astrophysics, Machine learning and Python geared towards Satellite development, Rocket and Propulsion system Engineering.

Clean Energy

In this category interns will work on alternative energy sources, such as Piezoelectricity, Hydrogen, Wireless electricity and work on Computer Aided Designs.

Computer Innovation

Interns will work on embedded systems, Operating System Development, System App development and General software.
Artificial Intelligence
Finally Interns under this category, will use machine learning and Computer Vision to develop AI-Central Neural Link that will interface with hardware and collect data from electronic sensors.


• Research, Product development, Design and Implementations
• Follow current events in technological policy and politics and update Xigma members and subscribers on web platforms and social media
• Planning, preparation and participation in Xigma events and programs
• Maintaining the company web page and the membership database on a daily basis
• Answering phones, filing, sorting mail, making deposits, etc. as office needs dictate
• Assist management on daily company routine
• Produce and design flyers and promotional materials

Xigma is High level technological company innovating and advancing scientific research for the next wave of technological revolution. We rely heavily on training and equipping smart people as employees or Interns, while at the same time give you a tremendous opportunity to learn about Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Space Exploration etc. to be the next technological Genius for the company’s workforce and to add to your Resume as relevant working experience.

Internships are generally unpaid, however transportation costs can be reimbursed (within reasons and after the duration of the Internship). Schedules are flexible but should be a minimum of 35 hours or 5 days a week.
To apply please click here to fill in the form and submit your Cover letter/Letter of Intent. Cover letters should address 3 things that you hope to accomplish during your internship, Expectations, and why you should be considered.
Resumes and Cover letter should be sent as a PDF document.

Resumes can also be sent to our administrative office: Edo Innovation Building, ICE, Wire road, Benin City.

To learn more about the exciting opportunities of an Intern, click here


To Apply click here
Deadline for Application: May 30th
Interview Session begins: On Rolling basis after application

Next Cohort begins:

• For IT Students July 5th after the General Examinations
• For Non IT Persons: On or before First Week of June