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Xigma Africa Energy Roadmap (The New Hydrogen Economy Plan)

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Xigma Energy Roadmap: The Big Plan

To drastically change the way we live in our planet a new energy regime has to be put forward, not just only in theory but also in practice, but in other for this to happen, a bold step has to be taken, to enable us secure a dominant future solutions in the energy space, that is why at Xigma, the energy regime we speak of is the Renewable-Hydrogen economy, and the two approaches undertaken by our scientists and Engineers at Xigma is to;

1. Use multiple innovative sources of renewable energy supply; such as Wind, Solar and Piezo to produce hydrogen via electrolysis, to be use to generate electricity via gas turbine, and as fuel for transportation vehicles.

2. Steam Methane Reforming; with this approach we aim at reforming natural gas, and flaring waste in the oil industry, by stripping off carbon from the compounds to pure hydrogen.

The Journey for this two approach has begun, as two members of our executive are beginning to engage the Federal Government of Nigeria and private companies on the new plan of implementing the hydrogen economy in Nigeria, but first we begin by innovating across sectors of the Hydrogen economy such as:

o Hydrogen Safety, Delivery and Handling.
o Hydrogen Powered Vehicles (HPV)
o Hydrogen Filling Stations (HFS)

With this new plan it is arguably that Xigma is the first to pioneer the new hydrogen economy in Africa.